Workshops for Parents

Identify practical steps to help your teenager thrive. Attend virtual webinars confidentially or pick a workshop that meets the needs of your church, company, organization, or group.

Protect Your Kids from Addictions

Learn how you can prevent personal issues or substance abuse from harming your teenager's future and help them lead a happier life.

  • Being prepared to protect your kids from substance abuse
  • Becoming more aware of what your kids are going through
  • How to improve your relationship with your son or daughter
  • Equip your kids to deal with issues and situations they will face
  • Build a plan to help them become the person they are meant to be
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Becoming a Proactive Parent

Whatever age your kids may be, now is the time to become more intentional about being the best parent you can be. For them.

  • Becoming proactive and balanced in your parenting 
  • Helping your kids learn to achieve personal excellence
  • How you can help enhance their emotional well-being 
  • Guiding your kids along their personal spiritual journey
  • Understanding the 5 ways to become a GREAT parent
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Scheduled and Custom Training

We can work with you to design a parenting seminar or program to meet the needs of your organization, church, company, or group.

  • Sign up for our blog, and we will alert you to upcoming webinars
  • Webinar options include: Getting Ready for the Teenage Years, Understanding Teenage Substance Abuse, Connecting with Your Teenager, and What to Do if Your Teenager is Struggling 
  • Custom topics include: understanding "gateway drugs," opioid abuse, digital addiction, alcoholism, depression, and anxiety
  • Virtual training, workshops, and programs are easy to schedule and conduct, and in-person sessions can be tailored to meet your needs 
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