Education for Parents

Learn practical steps to help your kids thrive during the teenage years with virtual webinars and in-person seminars that can also be offered to parents in your church, company, or organization.  

"Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy"

An overview of valuable insights and tips from PACES for Parents.

Help your pre-teens and teenagers prevent substance abuse and other dangerous issues and equip them to lead a safe and happy life.

  • Become prepared to protect your kids from substance abuse
  • Be aware of what your kids may be going through in their life
  • Deepen and strengthen your connection with your teenagers
  • Educate your kids to deal with issues and situations they will face
  • Help them take steps to become the person they are meant to be
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"Be a Balanced and Proactive Parent"

Parenting is hard, but there are practical techniques that can help.  

Whether your kids are younger or older, now is the time to become more intentional about being the best parent you can be. For your family.

  • How good parents remain balanced and proactive 
  • Understand the 5 ways to become a GREAT parent
  • How to connect with your kids and earn their trust  
  • Learn 10 mistakes parents make (and how not to)
  • Take steps to help your kids stay heathy and happy
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Simple and Easy for Organizations

Additional options to help parents raise healthy, happy families.

Choose from these convenient webinars or in-person seminars to help the parents and families in your church, company, or organization.

  1. "Biblical parenting with grace and truth for families at your church"
  2. "Proactive Parenting for employees or clients of your company"
  3. "Real Life 101: Wise adulting for college and 20-somethings"
  4. "When Your Kids Have Kids: Parenting ideas for grandparents"
  5. "PACES for Parents" small group study or 6-session webinar series (Proactive, Preparation, Awareness, Connection, Education, Steps)

Virtual webinars are easy—invite your parents—or select the in-person seminar that meets your needs. We can also equip someone from your organization to facilitate a 6-session discussion group for your parents. 

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