About Us

We have been where you are and have worked with many other parents who have been there too. Our team provides proven and practical resources so you can protect your kids from addiction and help them lead a happier life.

Steve Ward

Founder + Executive Director

I’m Steve Ward, and I specialize in helping people make positive changes in their life. I am the founder and Executive Director of STEPS Ministries, a nonprofit organization that helps people improve their lives, grow closer to God, and prevent compulsive issues such as substance abuse from robbing them of peace, joy, and satisfaction.

I had a 38-year career with IBM in management and leadership positions for engineering, sales, and marketing. But I also battled alcoholism, and members of my family struggled with addiction as well. Through recovery, I learned that all of us face issues, but there are things we can do to prevent them and live life better.

I wrote the book STEPS: A Daily Journey to a Better Life and spent thousands of hours studying and teaching how people can develop a healthy lifestyle that would lessen the risk of addiction. I have a passion for helping Moms and Dads protect their kids from substance abuse, and I love the work we do at STEPS Proactive Parenting.  

Now, I am a writer, speaker, teacher, consultant, and coach in the areas of personal effectiveness, emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and the prevention of addiction and relapse. If you or someone you care about is struggling, I know how you feel, and I want to help. The STEPS team and I are here to serve you and all who are hurting.

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Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors meets periodically with the Executive Director to offer strategic direction and oversight and serve as a visible representative of the ministry in the community.

  • Richard E. Simmons III – Executive Director at The Center for Executive Leadership
  • Tom Mayfield – President at M3 Resources USA LLC
  • Don Menendez – CEO at White Plume Technologies
  • Harry Pearson – CEO at OneAscent Financial
  • Tommy Brigham – Chairman of the Board at ARC Realty Co.
  • Libby Lassiter – President at Bayer Properties, LLC
  • John Lovoy – CEO at Infomedia and Uptick Marketing
  • John Thomas – Senior Vice President at Colliers International
  • Jim Bob McAllister – CEO and Co-Founder at KEYSYS
  • Dan Steever – Dan Steever LLC, former CEO/President at several companies
  • Jenny Waltman – CEO & Chairman at Grace Klein Community
  • Jim Weaver – COO at The Onin Group
  • Troy Duell – CEO at Centurion Labs

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is involved in the ministry in an ongoing manner to use their passion and expertise to help the organization execute its mission and serve people well. They direct changes in strategy and provide accountability on finances, policy, and operations.

  • Tom Majors – Vice President, National Accounts at Merge Healthcare
  • Sheryl Matton – Enterprise Marketing at Secureworks (retired)
  • Justin Worthington – Principal at Red Street Investment Company
  • Richard Mobley – Founder and Principal at The Seven Four Group
  • Jeff Howard – Founder and CEO at JLH Exponential, LLC
  • Mark Henley – Vice President, Sales at Cottondale Wood Products
  • James Gannon – Client Executive at KEYSYS Consulting
  • Bill Hart – Director of Development at Banks Academy
  • Rob Baugher – Owner and CEO at Baugher, Inc./Remodel It
  • Allison Jones – District Court Judge at Walker County, Alabama 

Operating Staff  

The organization’s current team is:

  • Gunnar Sadowey: Content Manager
  • Courtney Allen – Video Editor & Content Manager
  • Lily Stowell – Social Media & Outreach Manager
  • Lisa Harrison – Development & Outreach Manager 
  • Beth Seibert – Outreach & Communications Manager
  • Bronwyn Futter – Website & Content Delivery Manager
  • Deepak Premnath – Platform & Digital Marketing Manager 
  • Susan Wood – Training & Publishing Content Manager
  • Catherine Ward – Bookkeeping and Finance Manager
  • Iron Stream Media (partner) – Book Publishing & Marketing
  • Jackson, Howard & Whatley, CPAs (partner) – Accounting & Taxes