Frequently Asked Questions

We provide proven and easy-to-use resources to help you improve your life, grow closer to God, and prevent addiction. If you don't find the answer to your questions, please Contact Us.

What is PACES for Parents?

PACES for Parents is an online learning center that will teach you practical steps to protect your kids from addiction and help them lead a happier life. It will provide Preparation to deal with the situation, increase your Awareness of what is going on, improve your Connection to your child, deliver Education on what to do, and help you plan the right Steps to take.


What is STEPS Proactive Parenting?

STEPS Proactive Parenting is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Moms and Dads be the best parents they can be to protect their kids from addiction and help them lead a happier life. As part of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit STEPS Ministries, income from PACES products is used to help more people improve their lives, grow closer to God, and prevent addiction. 


What teenage risks does this training help parents address?

The stakes are high, because 75% of high schoolers experiment with substances, and 40% abuse them. About 1 in 7 people struggle with addiction, and 90% of them start before age 18. This material may also help lessen the impact of other issues in teenagers such as anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.


What is it like for parents who lose a child to addiction?

The agony of Moms and Dads who lose a child to substance-related deaths from impaired driving, overdose, or suicide is one of the deepest forms of pain imaginable. It is losing a loved one “before their time” in a way that could have been prevented. Parents often struggle over what they could or should have done and make comments such as: “We didn’t realize it had gotten that bad,” “We didn’t know what to do,” “We should have gotten help sooner,” and “We didn’t act early enough.”


Is PACES for preventing addiction or helping people recover?

PACES for Parents can help with both situations, but its unique value is to help parents become more proactive to prevent the situation with their kids from getting worse. The substance abuse journey moves through the stages of temptations and risks, unmet needs and issues, early use, repeated use, abuse, addiction, and relapse. Wherever your son or daughter is on that journey, PACES will help you take the steps to help prevent or slow down their downward spiral from getting worse.   


How can this training also help kids lead a happier life?

One of the wonderful benefits of recovery principles is that they do more than help someone avoid dangerous use of substances. They also promote peace, joy, and purpose by helping people develop a healthy lifestyle emotionally, spiritually, and personally. The tools and lessons your kids (and you) will learn can help them (and you) for the rest of their (your) lives. 


Does anyone have to know that my family is struggling?

The PACES for Parents program uses an Online Learning Center that provides convenient, confidential training over the internet that you can take in your own home. Any coaching you utilize is 100% confidential. We strongly encourage you to seek help for your son or daughter and other family members, and that can be handled in a confidential manner as well.


What if I am not fully satisfied with the material I purchase?

We provide a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the value you receive from PACES for Parents products. Go to “Contact Us” and send an email with the product, amount spent, and how it was paid. Simply say, “I studied all of the material in this product, and I was not satisfied that the value provided was worth the cost.”


How is your parenting material different from others?

We specialize in a simple approach that is uniquely focused on preventing addiction by providing practical, proven resources that integrate emotional, spiritual, and personal principles. Research of world-class parenting principles is simplified into how-to steps anyone can take without wasting hours sorting through the clutter of information on the internet. We use a vulnerable and transparent approach focused on grace rather than shame to help kids remain safe, healthy, and happy.


Are the expected benefits worth the price of the program?

There can be many out-of-pocket costs of substance abuse: residential recovery (which can costs tens of thousands of dollars), Intensive Outpatient Programs, counseling, tutoring for affected school work, legal fees and law suits, car accidents, job loss or lost wages, and other costs. But the biggest costs are lives that are lost or disrupted and the pain and frustration for families. In addition, the benefits of helping your child live a happier and more effective life are immeasurable.