Countless parents, teenagers, and families are dealing with the impact of substance abuse. See how our proven and effective resources have helped people and organizations take positive steps to prevent addiction and improve lives.

“The information on how to parent in such a way as to hopefully prevent our children from going down this path of addiction was extremely helpful!”

-Parent and Former Client


“STEPS Proactive Parenting and Steve Ward have a unique approach to prevent addiction by helping people before lives are dangerously impacted.”

-Nonprofit Executive Director


“Great understanding of the pressures my child may be facing, how he may seek relief from pain, and how I can be aware and come alongside if destructive behaviors take over his life.”

-Parent and Former Client


“I would like to wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend STEPS Proactive Parenting to you. Our church and staff firmly believe in and strongly support them and what they do.”

-Church Senior Pastor


“This was the best investment of time I have made recently, and I can recommend this material to other parents without hesitation.”

-Parent and Former Client


“STEPS Proactive Parenting is instrumental in helping people and families in areas of awareness, education, and connection for the topic of addiction.”

-Business Leader


“It would be a helpful session for a parent in any stage of their children’s lives. I appreciated the challenge, the encouragement, and the practical help.”

-Parent and Former Client


“Having knowledge about the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of addition can help family members know how to better react, respond, and prevent it.”

-Board Member


“Loved the encouragement that even though we are not perfect parents, we still have the capacity to raise good and Godly children.”

-Parent and Former Client


“Steve has provided helpful guidance and instruction to families who struggle with addiction. He is a gifted speaker who has led several seminars in a variety of venues at our church.”

-Church Youth Pastor


“Very helpful information! All parents should hear this.”

-Parent and Former Client