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If you represent an organization, church, or business or you're a member of the media or a social influencer, this page is for you. We want to collaborate to serve the most people, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Click the button (or the blue text) to read the Birmingham Christian Family magazine article (February 2021) on "Using PACES for Parents to Protect Your Teenagers from Substance Abuse".

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Click the button below to read the PACES for Parents official launch press release.

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How can you make a difference in your organization?

Organizations or communicators who care about parents have a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives and families, either as training you sponsor for them, a new benefit program you offer to them, or simply by sharing PACES for Parents with them. Here are some options you can consider:

Sharing PACES for Parents with your organization 

You can help parents you care about protect their kids from addiction simply by telling them about PACES and including a link to the PACES website. 

Implementing the Proactive Parenting Program 

Use this easy-to-execute virtual program that augments PACES for Parents with regular webinars and short videos sent via email. Learn more here.

Sharing Proactive Parenting content 

We can develop a customized plan to share parenting content such as articles, videos, or podcasts which you can distribute to parents in your organization.   

Webinars or in-person speaking and seminars 

You can invite parents to our free webinars, we can teach your parents over Zoom or in person, or we can train-the-trainers in your organization.  

Purchasing PACES for Parents content 

You can obtain branded or unbranded content which your organization can use to help the most parents possible for years to come. 

Earning revenue with our Affiliate Program 

You can serve parents and earn revenue by marketing PACES for Parents to your audience, and you will receive a generous share of the proceeds from for-fee products. 

Other joint ventures or collaboration 

We are easy to work with and want to help the most people possible, so contact us if you have any other ideas for how we can collaborate to serve people well. 

If you have an audience to reach, how can we help you?

Articles and Guest Posting

We can help you deliver content that aligns with your audience and goals by sharing blog articles, writing custom articles you publish, or having Steve Ward guest post on your blog. 

Speaking and Teaching

Steve Ward is available to speak or teach virtually or in person on topics related to STEPS material with flexibility to tailor the content for your audience. We can also teach-the-teachers if you have people in your organization you would like trained on the principles, tools, and techniques.


Steve Ward is available for interviews with magazines, podcasters, digital media, radio and television stations, and other outlets. We can supply pre-written questions and material to make it easy.  

Sample Topics 

  • How to Protect Your Kids from Addictions and Help Them Lead a Happier Life
  • Parenting Teenagers – Knowing What to Do and What Not to Do
  • Proactive Parenting – Becoming the Best Parent You Can Be
  • Addiction 101 – What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How to Prevent It
  • Dealing with Tough Times and Addiction (Our Family’s Story of Recovery)

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