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Enhance the Well-Being of Your Teenager

Simple, effective parenting resources to help your teenagers thrive and protect them from substance abuse.

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Why are you allowing your teenager to keep struggling?

Your relationship with your child is not what it was. She's dealing with issues, or you notice a pattern of suspicious activity. You're afraid, and you don't know what to do. 

Right now, you can make a difference in the life of your teenager, and you can see her thrive again. You can move from anxiety and fear to confidence and help her become the person she is meant to be.

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Benefits for You and Your Teenager

Increased Awareness

Become more aware of where your teen is heading and the challenges they face.

Deepened Relationships

Strengthen your connection with your son or daughter and be there for them.

Equipped Teenagers

Educate your kids with skills to deal with life issues and situations they may face.

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We've Been There and We Can Help

"I have personally dealt with substance abuse as a teenager and as a parent of a son who struggled with drugs and alcohol. CASA Columbia says that 90% of people with a substance problem began using before the age of 18. But there's good news! According to Children's MD, 80% of teens say their parents are the biggest influence on their decision to drink. We have done the research for you to identify the most effective things you can do to help your kids. Too many teenagers are being hurt, or worse, and families are being torn apart. Don't make the mistakes that I and too many Moms and Dads have made. Become a proactive parent!"

-Steve Ward, Founder and Executive Director


“It was very informative and practical. It gave me a lot to think about and I learned intentional ways to be a better parent.”

-Former Client


“Highly recommend this to everyone—so much insight and great information regarding teenage substance abuse and the heart journey for all those touched by addiction.”

-Former Client


"This is the beginning of a powerful, wonderful message, not just for folks in the middle of dangerous addiction, but even for the parent who does not fear this for their child.”

-Former Client

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How Proactive Parenting Works

Investigate the Resources

Practical insights and easy-to-understand techniques to become the parent you are meant to be.

Select What You Need

No matter what your kids are going through, we have content and training for what to do next.

Step Forward With a Plan

Help your teenager become the man or woman they are meant to be and feel good about steps you're taking.

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Invest in Your Child

No parent should have to experience the anxiety and fear from having a teenager overcome by addiction. That's why we created free and cost-effective resources to help you protect your child.

Online Resources for Parents

PACES for Parents is a collection of online resources that help you take practical steps to help your teenager.

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Workshops for Parents

Attend free webinar workshops or arrange for custom virtual or in-person Proactive Parenting seminars.

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Coaching for Parents

Receive confidential coaching and customized one-on-one guidance to help you and your teenager.

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Resources for Organizations

If your organization includes or reaches parents, you can provide life-changing training and a wonderful benefit program for them. It's easy, and you can add value to those parents and help prevent addiction from affecting their family. Click on the Resource Kit below and Contact Us.

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What Makes Our Program Different?

Few things are as important as being the best parent you can be. Especially when your child's well-being, and maybe their life, are at stake. Sadly, teenage substance abuse has become an epidemic. Therefore, we uniquely focus on prevention rather than waiting until your child's life—and yours—has come apart.

PACES for Parents will help you prevent problems before they occur! 

We integrate emotional, spiritual, personal, and recovery principles into easy-to-understand steps. As you put these concepts into practice, your child will not only be safer, they will be happier as well!  

Our material is based on proven, research-based principles. Parents are busy, so we've done the work for you. You can learn practical, how-to techniques in your timing in the confidentiality of your home.   

We understand your worries, because we’ve been there, and we’ve worked with hundreds of parents who have been there too. And since we are a nonprofit ministry, all proceeds are used to serve others.

No matter what is going on in your family, you can protect your child from addiction and help them lead a happier life. That is our guarantee. So, join us, and become part of the Prevention Movement!

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