PACES for Parents

Parents want to protect their teenagers from addictions and help them lead a happy life, but substance abuse has become an epidemic. That's why we created PACES for Parents.

Where do you need to start?


Preparation (P)

Become proactive and prepared to protect your kids from substance abuse.

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Awareness (A)

Be aware of what your kids are going through and challenges they face.

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Connection (C)

Deepen and strengthen your relationship with your son or daughter.

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Education (E)

Equip your kids to deal with life issues and situations they will face.

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Steps (S)

Build a plan to help them become the man or woman they are meant to be.

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Get Help and Help Others

We have been where you are. Now, together, we can help other families protect their kids from addiction and enjoy safe and happy lives. Join the Prevention Movement!

Every Purchase Helps Others: STEPS Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry. All revenue from products goes toward helping families improve their lives and prevent addiction.  

No Risk Guarantee: We offer a money-back guarantee on our products. Simply contact us, confirm you went through the material, and tell us why you're unsatisfied. No worries!

The Gift of Prevention: If you're a grandparent or have family or friends who are parents, give them PACES for Parents as a gift. After purchase, contact us and we'll give them access.

Spread the Word: You can make a difference in a family’s well-being simply by telling them about PACES for Parents or sharing blog articles with all of the people you know. 

Volunteer to Help Others: Help us improve PACES for Parents. Get the products at 75% off the list price simply for providing feedback. We are also looking for Proactive Parents to share ideas on how we can reach and help the most parents in the future. Contact Us

Donate: Your donation will go to helping people and families improve their lives, grow closer to God, and prevent addiction. Become a Foundation Sponsor of a new program! Donate