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You plan for everything else. Why not parenting?

You plan your meals, your monthly budget, your vacation and your retirement. But for some reason, most people don’t make a plan for parenting — even though it’s one of the most important things they’ll do in their lives. It may seem that parenting is unpredictable, but there are many situations parents can anticipate and be ready for if they are proactive. Sure, unexpected things will happen. But you can have a plan for how you’re going to approach some of the most pivotal moments of parenthood. And PACES can help.

Steps: The Proactive Parenting Plan

This video will show you why a proactive parenting plan is important, what you can do to get started, and how the 5 areas of PACES for Parents help you identify the steps you should take to be the best partent you can be.


Steps: Protect Your Kids from Addictions - Overview

This course offers a practical introduction and useful tips for becoming the best parent you can be. Learn how you can promote healthy behaviors in your kids and how you can be a great parent. This highly-useful video comes with a content-rich chart deck to help you apply the key points and decide what steps to take for your family. 

• Video
• Content-rich chart deck

$14.00 USD


Steps: Protect Your Kids from Addictions - Build A Plan

This course features several short videos where you will learn to connect more closely with your kids, encourage the behaviors that will help them thrive, understand how addiction happens with teenagers, and plan what steps you can take to prevent it. This course also includes a workbook that helps you build a proactive parenting plan for your family.

  • Multiple short videos
  • Workbook

$109.00 USD


PACES for Parents: BUNDLE

All-access pass to the entire PACES for Parents online learning center resources – Preparation, Awareness, Connection, Education and Steps courses. Our content covers substance abuse prevention and helps with issues such as stress and depression. It will enhance your parenting effectiveness, giving you useful tools to build and preserve your teenager’s well-being.

  • 50+ informative videos
  • Downloadable resources, charts, worksheets
  • Online assessment tool
  • 3 deep dive lessons
  • 2 virtual seminars
  • 3 online tool kits
  • eBook parenting guide
  • PLUS a full-length online course to pull it all together and become the best parent you can be (course normally valued at $199)

$169.00 (or $35 for 6 months)



Build a plan to help them become the man or woman they are meant to be