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Be aware of substance abuse warning signs.

Most teenagers are masters at hiding things from their parents. That’s just what teenagers do. Which is why it’s crucial for you to know the risk factors and warning signs of substance use and abuse. It’s also important for you to understand the pressure and struggles your teen is facing. Because when you better understand your child and their world, you have a much greater chance of noticing changes that may be occurring, intervening and helping your child avoid substance abuse and addiction.

Awareness: Teenage Addiction Assessment

This online assessment tool will allow you to assess addiction risk factors, notice the warning signs, and determine key areas to focus on for your family's situation. In today’s dangerous world, addiction can happen in any family, so this is a must-do step for all parents.

  • 4 areas with specific questions that help you identify potential addiction issues
  • Downloadable guide and worksheet

Awareness: Teenage Parenting Course

This online parenting course contains 5 lessons to help you understand how teenagers think and why they do what they do. It will help you be aware of what your kids are going through.

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

$24.00 USD


PACES for Parents: BUNDLE

All-access pass to the entire PACES for Parents online learning center resources – Preparation, Awareness, Connection, Education and Steps courses. Our content covers substance abuse prevention and helps with issues such as stress and depression. It will enhance your parenting effectiveness, giving you useful tools to build and preserve your teenager’s well-being.

  • 50+ informative videos
  • Downloadable resources, charts, worksheets
  • Online assessment tool
  • 3 deep dive lessons
  • 2 virtual seminars
  • 3 online tool kits
  • eBook parenting guide
  • PLUS a full-length online course to pull it all together and become the best parent you can be (course normally valued at $199)

$169.00 (or $35 for 6 months)



Be aware of what your kids are going through and challenges they face.